High Quality Mapping

View mapping, documents, wells, NRI, and notes on one page. No more paper notes and storage needed.

Nationwide Well Data

Track the wells you own an interest in along with what is happening near your assets. You can easily locate production, permits, wells, and rigs in one spot.


You can always be ahead of any activity on or near your interests with our expansive alerts for permitting, new wells being drilled, and more.

Nationwide Well data
Get unlimited access to real time well, permit, production and rig data
Well Symbols
Differentiate between different well types such as oil, gas, oil & gas, plugged, shut in, permitted, and others visually on the map
Point and Click
All wells across the nation are point and click whether they're active, inactive, or permitted
Well Information
All of a well's information including operator, API #, spud date, completion date, and links to production and state websites are available from the map
Interests & Lease Tracking
All your interests mapped and visualized in one central location
Interest Mapping
The MineralWare team will use a client's legal descriptions to accurately map all interests in a client portfolio
Lease Uploads
Upload your active and inactive leases and visualize what is actively leased and what is open acreage
Every interest and lease will have its own dashboard to view all corresponding information as well as add specific documents, notes, and alerts
Drilling rig & permit activity
Track new drilling activity on or near your interests with daily permit updates and active rig data
Receive daily permit updates on any new permits that have been filed near or within your interests
Rig Data
Track all active rigs in the united states from the rigs page, or from the rig symbol displayed on the map
Proximity Alerts
Receive email alerts any time a new rig or permit is on or near your mapped interests
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What Our Clients Are Saying
Don't just take our word for it... read some of the feedback received from clients
When we got home I started my computer and discovered every single file was corrupted and I could not open anything. My wife got panic stricken thinking I had lost all of my mineral accounting, until I showed her MineralWare saved the day! I was more thankful than you can imagine we are subscribed to you guys.

- Mineral Owner, New Mexico and Texas

Within the past two months, the staff at MineralWare has recovered suspended funds proceeds due and payable to several of our clients in an amount exceeding seven figures.

- Mineral Manager, Permian Basin

MineralWare has gone above and beyond our expectations in building comprehensive databases for many of our clients.

- Mineral Manager, Permian Basin

This platform is great and I really love how easy it is to adapt to individual needs. It has given me more information about our revenue than I ever expected possible.

- Mineral Owner, Nationwide

MineralWare has given our company the ability to provide essential organization and transparency throughout our entire portfolio. We have been able to successfully add and manage all of our assets across several companies including royalties and working interests. MineralWare has truly allowed our company to scale without having to onboard more staff.

- Mineral Owner, Appalachian Basin