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Trusted by thousands of owners and managers as the leading asset management platform for managing minerals, royalties, and non-operated working interests.

Automate your revenue and JIB data capture process and eliminate your tedious manual data entry and time consuming tasks
Our out-of-the-box features give you the tools you need to analyze, visualize, and keep track of all your assets
Know in seconds where your leases are, what's active, what acreage is open for lease, and if you are getting paid what you're owed
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Features that help solve your big and small problems
How much time are you wasting on...

Managing documents and information that goes back decades?

Keeping tabs on all the information for your accountant, staff, lawyer, or manager?

Manually collecting and entering data or paying someone to do so?

Double checking each month wells are getting paid on?

Reviewing compliance with lease agreements?

Land Module
A map that puts everything at your fingertips
Nationwide access to real time well, permit, and production data overlaid on your interests.
All your interests mapped with an easy interactive user-interface. Just point and click to get what you need.
Know in seconds where your leases are, what's active, what's inactive, what acreage is open for lease, and if you are getting paid what you're owed.
Permit data, Production data, Well data, and more - get facts when you need them with ease.
Revenue Module
Streamline Your Revenue Capture Process
We'll process, automate, and standardize all your royalty income so you can be smarter, faster, accurate, and more informed with your asset management.
Custom Reports
You have specific needs. Customize your data to meet your reporting and analysis needs.
Trend & Acquisition Analysis
Organize your wells however you need to see the trends, returns, and performance of your assets.
Reliable Data
Get revenue data on all of your wells each month automatically.
Joint Interest Billing
Automate JIB Statements
Tracking JIB doesn't have to be stressful or tedious. We've automated the process and simplified the experience.
Expense Data Entry
Track your JIB expenses and invoices each month
Automatic Net Total Tracking
Overlay your revenue data with your expenses and see your net total graphed out for each property.
Custom Expense Classifications
Customize your expense classification to standardize reporting for different working interest properties across different operators.
What Our Clients Are Saying
Don't just take our word for it... read some of the feedback received from clients
When we got home I started my computer and discovered every single file was corrupted and I could not open anything. My wife got panic stricken thinking I had lost all of my mineral accounting, until I showed her MineralWare saved the day! I was more thankful than you can imagine we are subscribed to you guys.

- Mineral Owner, New Mexico and Texas

Within the past two months, the staff at MineralWare has recovered suspended funds proceeds due and payable to several of our clients in an amount exceeding seven figures.

- Mineral Manager, Permian Basin

MineralWare has gone above and beyond our expectations in building comprehensive databases for many of our clients.

- Mineral Manager, Permian Basin

This platform is great and I really love how easy it is to adapt to individual needs. It has given me more information about our revenue than I ever expected possible.

- Mineral Owner, Nationwide

MineralWare has given our company the ability to provide essential organization and transparency throughout our entire portfolio. We have been able to successfully add and manage all of our assets across several companies including royalties and working interests. MineralWare has truly allowed our company to scale without having to onboard more staff.

- Mineral Owner, Appalachian Basin

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